Cheimonidis Estate presents a unique list of cocktails! Our recipes are highlighted by the special flavor and quality of our juices and bring out a one of a kind result!


50ml Gin

25ml Regular pomegranate juice

Fill up tonic water

Method: build in, Glass: collins, Garn: lime wedge


50ml Aperol

40ml Regular pomegranate juice

25ml Prosecco

Splash plain soda (10-15ml)

Method: build, Glass: wine glass, Garn: mint leaves and lemon wedge


50ml Gin

1 barspoon pomegranate marmalade

20ml Triple sec

20ml Lemon juice

Method: shake, Glass: coupe/martini, Garn: orange zest


50ml Blanco rum

20ml Sugar syrup

15ml Lime juice

25ml Regular pomegranate juice or pomegranate juice from sweet variety

½ barspoon pomegranate marmalade

Method: shake, Glass: coupe/martini, Garn: mint sprig

*while using pomegranate juice from sweet acco variety, we reduce per 10ml the sugar syrup and we add 10ml of the same juice


50ml Gin

15ml Lime juice

15ml Cinnamon syrup

25ml pomegranate juice from sweet acco variety

Method: shake, Glass: old fashioned, Garn: pomegranate arils


50ml Mastiha liqueur

25ml Lemon juice

20ml Rosemary syrup

Pomegranate Foam**

Method: shake, Glass: coupe/martini, Garn: rosemary & pomegranate arils

For the rosemary syrup (1-1,5lt)

1:1 proportion of water and brown sugar, zest of one lime, 8 rosemary sticks

For the pomegranate foam (1lt):

200ml sugar syrup, 250ml regular pomegranate juice, 150ml pomegranate marmalade, 80ml egg white

For 500ml pomegranate foam we use half of the amount for each ingredient except the white egg which proportion is set at 60ml.