About Us

With Emphasis on Quality

Since 1890, the Cheimonidis family has been growing the bounty of mother earth at the foot of Mount Paiko. This tradition is carried forward in the present by Georgios Cheimonidis and his family, who focus on quality, producing products that stand out for the superior taste.

2006 was the year that pomegranates started being cultivated, using three exceptional varieties: sweet Acco and Herskovits, and sweet and sour Wonderful. With more than 40,000 trees, we ensure that we provide the best result possible, from the production of raw materials to the processing of our products, following Global G.A.P. Standards, and establishing a safe food management system (ISO certified).

Our ‘ρ’ series makes up our front line of products. They are 100% fresh natural juices with no added preservatives, sugar, or sweeteners and colourings, as the peeled pomegranate fruit is ready for consumption. At the same time, our production focuses on making marmalades and salad dressings combining pomegranates and figs. Our company’s short-term goals are to expand our product portfolio, while maintaining our quality.

Cheimonidis Estate, following a long tradition of farming and respecting the environment, has taken its first steps in processing, by creating a vertically integrated unit.

Excellent Result

From production to bottling we take care for an excellent result

Careful Procedure

High quality and purity juice with rich taste